The Vomit Kit

by Site Author

Most mornings, during our drive to school, my four-year-old daughter chats about the coming school day: her classmates, the teachers, what she’s doing after school. This morning, she turned to me halfway through the ride, but instead of chatting, she threw up. I was unprepared, and so had to simply catch her vomit in my bare hands.

It was as though her body were saying “Look Daddy! look what I ate for breakfast!” And sure enough, I could recognize the blueberries I had, only an hour earlier, washed for her.

Fortunately, I had a few napkins in my work bag, and so I quickly used up every bit of absorbency they had to offer. The real cleanup began once we got to school—her teacher gave me a ziplock bag and I wiped her down in her class’s bathroom.

My daughter, in all of this, remained calm. She didn’t seem all that concerned to walk into her pre-kindergarten classroom covered in her own vomit. I would have thought of this as the ultimate walk of shame, but my daughter held her head high.

Meanwhile, I had turned into an entrepreneur. In minutes, I had conceived of, designed, and marketed the Vomit Kit—eventually, The Vomit Kit™.

The Vomit Kit is a simple device a parent stores in their briefcase, one that can be deployed as soon as vomit appears. It can catch the initial vomit straight from the child’s mouth, and can also be used to wipe up the child’s clothes or the parent’s tears.

An early prototype consists of five Bounty paper towels wrapped in a plastic bag from CVS. Iteration—what industrial designers call “the process”—will determine whether that plastic bag ought to be from Walgreens or whether five paper towels are insufficient. Look for the Vomit Kit wherever you do your shopping—nationwide release later this year.