Has The Whole World Gone Crazy?

by Site Author

It’s hard to watch the news these days and not wonder whether you are losing your mind. Who is this orange maniac who is now the Republican frontrunner? How can anyone be taking him seriously? Has the whole world gone crazy?

At this point, Trump has referred to Mexican immigrants as rapists, he’s casually advocated war crimes, and he speaks like a villain from the animated Batman series I watched in middle school. And yet, at the moment, prediction markets have Trump as the Republican nominee with 80 percent probability. Meanwhile, Trump’s Twitter feed is filled with the kind of insults a responsible adult would tweet only after heavy drinking.

And all of this is happening at the same time that the rest of my life is going bananas. After 37 years of marriage, my parents have decided to get a divorce. The whole thing is just like the Trump candidacy: a very serious discussion about something that clearly cannot happen. My parents are not supposed to get divorced. And yet, here we are.

In both cases, I’ve gradually adjusted to the bizarre reality the way a frog supposedly stays in a pot of water as it slowly heats and then boils. Trump announced his candidacy last summer, and the campaign was clearly nothing but a publicity stunt meant solely to benefit his casino business. But slowly, Trump’s opponents dropped out of the race and he began to appear as a real contender in the polls. I and the rest of the country gradually adjusted to the ludicrous notion that this rabid, tiny-handed orangutan could actually become president.

Meanwhile, for two years now my parents have been “having problems.” My father bought an apartment downtown and the two of them separated a year ago.

I wasn’t as exposed to the separation as a I would be if I still lived at home. I didn’t have to watch my parents fight. I didn’t feel the house’s emptiness after my father started sleeping in his new apartment. I never saw my mother crying, alone in that big suburban house. I wasn’t there for any of that. I’m in my thirties. I have my own family now.

And then my parents told me they were getting divorced, and I had to adjust to that new reality. So, now, in a matter of months, I might be meeting my father’s new girlfriend and—who knows?—President Trump may be nuking Latin America.