Sneak-Attack Creativity

by Site Author

Last summer, my family went on a short vacation with another family. One morning, I cut watermelon for breakfast. The kitchen only had a small knife, so I hacked away at the watermelon, carving out one large piece.

The other father suddenly got excited and pushed me aside. He fashioned eyes out of blueberries and eyebrows out of oranges. I snapped a photo.


I thought of that watermelon when I learned of Nina Katchadourian’s art. One day, Katchadourian was stuck on a long, boring plane ride. Trapped, with nothing to do, she decided to make art. She took pictures of small objects arranged in a circle inside her tray table’s cup holder. She called the series “clocks.”


She took other photos: re-arranged pages from the in-flight magazine, her fellow passengers’ faces reflected in their seatbelt buckles. Months later, she sent her photographs to a gallery. She’s now sold a series of pieces, all made on plane rides.

In both cases—the watermelon and Katchadourian’s clocks—a bit of creativity transformed something dull into something wonderful.