Perception and Reality

by Site Author


The image above, from the Daily Mail, compares how a hamburger appears in advertisements to how it appears in person. Restaurants are required by law to use their actual food in advertisements—the hamburger on the left is not made of plastic. But the photographers do a whole lot of work on the hamburger and the lighting to make it appear appetizing.

The pictures below come from Melissa Murphy’s Instagram account. Murphy works as a makeup artist in the adult-movie industry. Some actresses allow her to post before-and-after shots like these.


Finally, the images, below, come from a simulated before-and-after photo shoot of Chris Bell. The photos were taken of Chris Bell on the same day.


All of this is to say that our perception of things often differs from reality. It costs millions of dollars to produce a movie, and thousands of dollars to produce a magazine photo. The money is spent making people much prettier than they would otherwise appear. The tragedy is that so often we don’t realize we are being fooled.