A Baby Named Dasani

by Site Author

I was intrigued by this article, which suggests that Americans are increasingly naming their children after handguns. After a bit of digging, I found that the article is correct. Here, for instance, is the trend for boys named Remington or Colt.


That pattern got me to wonder whether it’s now more common for babies to be named after products. GM introduced the Denali SUV in 1999. And indeed, the number of girls named Denali increased after 1999.


Arguably, the figure above doesn’t change that much in 1999. But how about Dasani? Coca-Cola introduced Dasani bottled water in 1999. According to the SSA name data, no one was named Dasani until that year, and then the name took off. In 2002, 105 girls were named after Coca-Cola’s bottled water.


We now live in a world in which marketing executives at Coca-Cola change how babies are named.